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We are a Grade A Dairy and Cheese Plant!


We are attending:


Audubon Park Community Market on Monday Nights, 5-8pm

Deland Artisan Alley Farmer's Market on Friday Nights, 5-9pm

Wedgefield's 2nd Saturday Farmer's Market, 10-2pm


Longwood Art Festival, November 20-21, 2020


Contact us via text, messenger, or email for

Farm Gate Pick Up,

Tuesday-Thursday or Saturday-Sunday, 9am-4pm.

Order 24 hours in advance, please.


The Farm Store is operational!


Once you go to the cart, the site becomes secure for payments.

There are 2 box size options that include an ice pack.

One will hold up to 3 cheeses, and the other can hold 4-7 cheeses. 

We are working on improving shipping and how to add pick up options.


Tees and tanks are pre-order.

Once we receive the minimum order (24), we will send out the print order to our wonderful design company. You will be notified when they arrive and your designated choice of shipping or pick up will be done.

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