Home of the Peters


This is how we spend our money and our time.


This has been a work in progress.

We have had quite a few successes and a few failures that I hope to never repeat, but we have acheived the dream in spite of all the set backs.


Now the work begins in earnest during one of the most challenging times in human history. It will be up to the community's support to keep the dream going.


My heart has been uplifted and the creatures that I have been privileged to care for have brought me more joy and happiness than a person has a right to.


They have taught me patience.

When you sit and watch in the shade of a tree while everyone chews cud, it makes you realize that, for a brief moment, everything is right with the world.



We are under a major website (and now Farm) overhaul.


"The Store" is operational,

but it is best to text your order and pick up at the farm gate or either of our markets.



Fridays - Deland Artisan Alley, Downtown Deland, 6-9pm


Mondays - Audubon Park Community Market, located in the

Stardust Parking Lot, 5pm-8pm


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