Slightly tangy and sweet. Never salted. No preservatives. Made in small batches, packaged, then frozen immediately to preserve freshness.
Chevre, 6 and 8oz Unflavored
Traditional Greek Feta Cheese, made with 100% Grade A  goat's milk, aged in brine, packaged in a robust extra virgin, cold pressed Olive Oil
Feta, 4oz
Chevre - Use the drop down menu to make choice
Chevre, Flavored, 5oz
Our signature cheese begins with Grade A cultured goat milk, infused with lavender and enzymes, hand formed, salted, ashed, then turned daily for 2 weeks while each small wheel develops a lovely soft white, slightly wrinkled earthy thin rind that covers a smooth, bright paste that is clean on the tongue, leaving a long floral finish.
Purple Turtle, approx 7.5 ounces
Goat meat - No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormones, cut into bone-in pieces. Perfect for grilling, stews, curries, etc.
Goat Meat
For our pets-
Raw Goat's Milk - half gallon

Our products freshness is very important to us!

Due to Covid-19 we are limiting ground shipments to the southeast only to ensure products are delivered in a timely fashion. Everything else MUST be Overnight Air. Once your order is complete we will contact you to confirm if we feel there may be delivery issues.