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We are a Grade A Dairy and Cheese Plant!


We are attending:


Audubon Park Community Market on Monday Nights, 5-8pm

Deland Artisan Alley Farmer's Market on Friday Nights, 5-9pm


Next Scheduled Event is: Meet the Meat on 25 Sept, 2021


Contact us via text, messenger, or email for

Farm Gate Pick Up,

Tuesday-Thursday or Saturday-Sunday, 9am-4pm.

Order 24 hours in advance, please.


The Farm Store is operational!


Covid has created issues with the ability to arrange affordable and reliable shipping.

Please be patient while we attempt to work on the kinks that derailed our the ability to get our cheeses to your door.

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Slow Turtle Farm - 34745 La Place Ct, Eustis, FL 32736

352-255-8138 (TEXT ONLY)